Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is an efficient method used to cut horizontal flat surfaces, such as roads, car parks and concrete slabs. It consists of a large circular diamond blade mounted on a spindle and powered by diesel, petrol or a 3-phase electric source.

Track Sawing

The most precise method for cutting openings in concrete, the system uses a track mounted cutting head and diamond blade powered by hydraulic or electric motor.

Hand Sawing

We have a large stock of ringsaws, diamond chain saws and rock drills. These hand held devices are ideal for sites where access or workspace is limited.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is the most efficient method used to cut holes through many types of materials including reinforced concrete, masonry, blockwork and asphalt. Stitch drilling is used to form large or irregular shaped openings.

Controlled Demolition

Using this method provides minimal disruption for removing specific areas within a building. It creates less noise, vibration & dust. Quick effective work method even in difficult locations & sensitive environments with delicate precise demolition.

Joint Sealing

Joint sealing is available using polyurethane sealant & all others which provides a moveable joint between materials to eliminate cracking within concrete during expansion.

Test Coring

Concrete core samples can be taken to determine the condition & depth of material. The samples can be sent away for analysis of compressive strength & make up.

Anchor Bolt Fixing

We can drill the required holes & insert anchor bolts, starter bars or holding down bolts for equipment.


We can provide safe comprehensive controlled demolition services by fully qualified operatives using Brokk machinery.

This allows us to demolish precisely without disturbing nearby structures & make the job faster than by using traditional methods & allowing access to difficult areas.

The benefits of Brokk work include minimise danger from falling debris. Avoiding hand-arm vibration. Reducing noise & environmental issues.